Aunty B

Aunty B., India in Madrid, was born out of love. Three years in India were enough to make Blanca fall head over heels for the splendid local craftwork. After frequent travels within India, she was convinced that such a unique treasure needed to be shared: this marked the beginning of Aunty B., a project started with the help of her sister Posi. The store’s name is emotionally tied to India: Aunty Blanca was her nickname among the Indian children she used to take care of.

Unique crafted pieces, personally selected in India and resulting from Aunty B.’s partnership with the best artisans in Rajasthan and Jaipur. Custom-made, hand-woven durries; the finest block-printed cotton pieces; the most beautiful and unique jewelry and pottery in Jaipur and pashminas coming straight out of the most renowned cashmere workshops compose an exquisite selection of artwork with an inherent Indian essence.

Aunty B., on Pelayo 62, becomes a colorful and vibrant oasis that is able to magically transport us from the busy Madrid streets to the most special craft shops in India.