Firmamento is a project born in 2012 in La Barceloneta, the Barcelona’s seaside neighborhood and also one of the surf spots in the city.

It’s a brand aimed at urban people, lovers of the sea and waves. Following a criteria of timelessness, handmade and local production in limited editions, Firmamento focuses on t-shirts and sweatshirts intended for life outside the water.

Its new clothing collection for this summer is inspired by surf. Well… more precisely by the Mediterranean’s lack of surf between May and September. This is the reason the collection is based on the idea of “Surf Off”.

This season, the brand logo’s characteristic waves become flat lines to describe the summery Mediterranean Sea, creating also a striped pattern that recalls the classic sailor tee. 

Photography: Salva López; Models: Adriana de Sandoval y Adrián Villar; Creative direction: Firmamento.