Born in the coast of Basque Lands, our basic reference when designing it`s inspired by living next to the sea, the surf, the nature and the adventure.

Mimmëko ™ is raised with the unique purpose of being a brand with a well thought goods, sustainable and value pieces.

“We try always to create sustainable products from design process until the final production”

As people of the world, offering the opportunity to observe this multicultural world in which we live through the products.
The aim of Mimmëko is based on introducing the local product in international markets from a local perspective, so each product is produced in their country of origin with expert local producers.

We try to work together to develop clean and more sustainable industries around the world.

Our tees are made all inside MIMMËKO ËKO™ collection using organic cotton from Portugal a place with ancient tradition in cotton making and Recycled PET from plastic water bottles.

Mimmëko™ introduces her BASICS like the everyday goods that are developed horizontally in collaboration with local communities around the world.

An ancient type of original footwear from North Pyrynees where we live next to; made with natural rope by hand-briding the yute cord .

Ancient, Plural and classic this is how we understand the world.