Born on the head of a slightly crazy chemist was sick of industrial products and had the dream of making soaps and candles loaded with essential oils of good and lots of plants. About to get everything done, he could not finish the project, but life got in my hands. So I opened a blog, I put a name and soon arrived and fans raving fans.

I gave a return to formulas, but I still maintain the heart in the world using eco bio raw materials source. My hands in the dough and our products are made and packaged by hand. We do not use palm butter because someday hope to visit the Amazon and watch the lungs of the earth. Our papers are recycled and green inks, and as if all this were not enough, we have not lost a bit of flirtation and affection for each ingredient, so our soaps are quality cosmetics, good quality.

But you tell us that better you as soon as you’ve tried …